How to dress for Business Head Shots – Roswell Photographer

If you are looking to bring your online business profile to the next level, I suggest getting a professional head shot. In today’s world this maybe the first image your colleagues see. When networking, your head shot is a first impression. HR recruiters are not looking for cell phone filters or pictures with your children, they want to see you, ready for business in the right attire. So here are some tips:

Wardrobe. Choose items that give you shape. Loose t-shirts and flowy dresses are not going to cut it for this session. Dark colors stand out nicely. If you choose light, pick neutrals that don’t blend with your skin tone. Light blues, grays, greens, whites work better than beige and cream. Jewel tones photograph well too; blue, green, purple, pink. Patterns are ok. Small or large patterns work well when used as a layer. Patterns can date an image, so choose something muted or go trendy but know you may need an update sooner. Don’t forget about your shoes. Some full images are nice to have. Women, wearing heels makes a big difference in your look and posture. Lastly, bring some options for variety, I’d love to help you choose.

Hair and Makeup. I am a big fan of professional hair and makeup but head shots don’t need it. Keep makeup natural and light, feel like yourself. Play up your favorite feature. Lipstick or gloss is a great finishing touch. Men, a chapstick helps smooth your smile.

Props. If it goes with your brand, then by all means we can include for some images. Think laptops, notebooks, desk material, coffee mug, briefcase or job specific items.

These images were for an Alpharetta based Atlanta company. All done on a coffee break! They loved the cohesive look it gave their feed. Simple, easy, professional, come right to you!

Call Audrey Alexander Photography today for your a Branding session for your business.

© Audrey Alexander Photography Please do not crop out my logo, edit, duplicate, or change my images in any way without my written permission.

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