You need to get in the frame, Mom!

This year make your resolution to be present.  Look, I know you are there.  Perhaps behind the scenes, snapping the pictures of your kids but it is time to get in the frame.  Your kids are adorable.  You have tons of photos of them.  But how many do you have with you in them?  (Selfies don’t count).

It is so important to document YOU and your children.  Show yourselves having fun together.  Capture your everyday moments along with the special moments.  Your children will not care if your make-up isn’t done.  Or you are wearing your house-clothes (grandma term, right there).  They want to look back on those photos just like you do… and reflect on the great times your had TOGETHER.

Most likely you are the memory keeper of the family but here are some easy ways to get in the frame…

Selfie stick.  Just kidding, well maybe not.  If it gets you in the frame, I am all for it.

Self timer.  This can get a little tricky but can also be fun.  I use this often.

Wireless remote.  Stepping up the camera gear here…but totally worth it for your digital camera.  A tripod is handy as well, but not required- a flat steady surface will work.

Pass around the camera.  Make a conscience effort to pass around the camera often.  Dad, an older child, even a bystander can snap a photo of you.

Hire a professional for lifestyle photography. Doesn’t have to be fancy.  Maybe just a mini session at your home.  Not just the look-at-the-camera-and-say-cheese-in-our-best-clothes, but a lifestyle approach of you interacting with your children at home. I’m all in to help with this one!

You and your kids will be fortunate to have these photos to look back on.  I know I am.  I wish I even had more.  I love the raw emotions, and how each photo highlights our relationship.  So get in the frame this year!  If you need help Audrey Alexander Photography would love to help.  For inspiration, follow my instagram.  I promise to get in the frame more as well.

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