Documenting Christmas…31 photos to capture in December.

December is here!  This is the best time of the year to document your family time.  These are the special occasions children will remember and you will want to reflect on because it goes so fast!  So I put together a list of pictures to capture.  No need for a professional photographer for these! Just get snapping.

  1. Holiday family photo for the annual Christmas card… OK maybe this one you should hire out for!  Less stress.
  2. Picking out the tree and hauling it to the car.
  3. Each family member placing their favorite ornament on the tree.
  4. The tree…the finished product.
  5. Enjoying the Santa Parade, town tree lighting, ice skating, church event, whatever your traditions are.
  6. Children writing their list while drinking hot cocoa.
  7. Take a picture of actual list with your phone (so you always have it with you).
  8. A frazzled holiday shopping moment…we all need to laugh at ‘the behind the scenes moments’.
  9. Holiday baking moments.  Christmas cookies before they are crumbs, frosting on faces, and the kitchen a delicious mess.
  10. Putting up the outdoor decor…
  11. Lighting and admiring the outdoor decor.
  12. Your pet with a goofy reindeer headband or sweater… I just can’t help myself sometimes.
  13. The children enjoying a favorite Christmas movie together.  My son can not go a december without ‘Home Alone’.
  14. Giving, volunteering, spreading holiday cheer. Pay it forward.
  15. The annual on Santa’s lap picture at the mall.  This one will cost you too- but it is a must have.  Even with tears.
  16. The holiday office party…you got glammed up, no kids, so take a picture- this doesn’t happen often!
  17. The homemade school decorations. Or making a craft together.
  18. Christmas Eve dinner and guests. Be sure to get a photo with the grandparents and great-grandparents; these are most cherished!
  19. Setting up the cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for reindeer.
  20. Reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ snuggled with kids in their pajamas.
  21. The tree…the really finished product with all the gifts under it. Stockings too!
  22. Christmas morning.  If you can sneak by the tree before the kids…try and snap there expressions at first sight.
  23. Keep snapping on continuous mode while opening presents to get all the excitement.
  24. Make sure mom and dad are in the pictures too.
  25. Enjoying their favorite things throughout the day.
  26. Candy canes and red tongues.
  27. Christmas dinner prep… mom, aunt and grandma in their aprons making sure everything is yummy.
  28. Table shot of everyone together. How very blessed your family is!
  29. A kiss under the mistletoe.
  30. Candid photos taken throughout Christmas day of laughter, hugs, playing, and joy.
  31. Snow!  This Jersey girl can dream of a white Christmas.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!  I can not wait to document 2017 with you all!


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