10 Ways I Get Teens to Nail Family images? – Marietta Family Photographer

I had a teen (yikes he is 20 now). I do lots of senior sessions. I get teens! And more importantly I get great family images with teens. How?

1. Having experience doing senior sessions for years. I know what they want out of the session… so it’s a little give and take. Here is an image you are going to love….Now take an image MOM is going to love. Works like a charm!

2. Let them bring a little of their personality to the session. Throw a baseball, wear your favorite hat, whatever feels like them.

3. Active images. It can be awkward to pose, I get it. But walking- easy!

4. Direct them to do something with their hands. Play with your hair. Hold your chin. Pretend you are using hand sanitizer. Clap. Easy and produces smiles.

5. Hug your sibling like you love them so much. Always produces a funny face, then a laugh and smile.

6. Not into that? Shoulder check them!

7. Give silly prompts about who is checking them out. Didn’t think they could pose? All the sudden model status.

8. Tell them you want to try something creative. They love helping the photographer out (not mom).

9. Don’t nag on them. Compliment them!

10. Ok, last one… a smile for grandma! DONE.

This momma walked away with a full gallery of her and her teen sons, solo portraits of them, brother images, and some lovely shots of herself. What more can a mother want?? Here are just a few favs of mine.

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