My Editing, Before and After…

I’d like to say that every picture I take perfectly and never needs retouching but that simply isn’t the case when you are chasing a toddler playing hide and seek behind a tree, like in this case.  So editing is a must.  This also can be the time-consuming part of completing your session depending on your images needs.

During this edit I did a few colors corrections to the white balance.  I popped the exposure a touch and brightened shadows caused by the tree.  For most subjects, I lightly air brush and smooth the skin.  I always try to get those twinkles in subject’s eye (called catch lights).  Here because the tree blocked her from the light a bite, I enhanced them.

Other photos may require sky enhancements.  Temperature can warm up a photo nicely. Blemish or acne touch-ups is routine.  If a subject has dark circles or eye bags I will tweak them slightly.   I tend to tone down redness on some skin, if needed.  In group photos, one child maybe blinking in one frame but not the next… so a face swap is a game changer.  Sometimes there is something distracting or competing for attention in the background that gets removed.  Emphasizing textures also adds interest and details in hair, baby blankets, or here, the bark of the tree.  Lens vignettes finishes an image nicely.

Each photo has individual editing. There is no one-button fix or filter that goes into my retouching.  This is where I like to make my subject my art!

I do believe in honest, natural photography.  All of the editing I do is minimal fine tuning.  Although it takes time, I do not completely change or ‘over Photoshop’ an image.  It is just not my style!  Thanks for checking in.

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