Can you Believe this? (a little backstory) – Marietta Maternity Photographer

It’s funny, I almost didn’t do a maternity session for my own first pregnancy. Shocking right? Well, I wasn’t a photographer then and honestly I was just tired. My wedding photographer reached out and then it was on. She handled it all- the styling and setting. That’s the approach I like to take – if you let me. Thankfully because of her vision… those are my favorite portraits of myself ever! My life was changing and my most important role was starting. That session fueled my love of photography in a big way and capturing motherhood. I am SO happy I have those images forever.

Enough about me… Look at this momma. These images bring me right back and I hope they will for her too. The start of an amazing journey. Excitement of things to come. Motherhood and that first year are so special. I hope you capture them too.

The rust gown is part of my client closet. Available to my clients to borrow for sessions.

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