Just Play – Tips for Family Sessions

It’s busy season and the last thing I need to worry about is keeping my website up to date… but I wanted to share this session as a reminder. JUST PLAY. Have fun with your children. Love on your honey…I’ll capture it. It will make these images more meaningful to all of you! Tell children we are just going to play in a park or downtown. Tell your partner to have a good time and play with the kids and maybe tell him he doesn’t have to look at the camera and cheese (don’t stress, I’ll tell him too). Dad’s don’t always know what they are heading into. You booked it and reviewed my work- not them. Tell older kids there will be cuddling… Ha. Play a song you all love and dance. Remind them that it’s one hour and something YOU want. BUT most of all, remember to enjoy your family too. Children feed off parent’s attitude. So PLAY, DANCE, Get Goofy, Loving… I’ll direct and capture.

My favorite sessions are are the ones where we play and then everyone leaves happier then they came.

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