Session Package Update

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“Do you offer mini sessions? I only need a few great images”

The number ONE thing I hear all the time is… “Do you offer mini sessions? I only need a few great images” Simply the answer is, not very often. Why? I don’t love the structure. It seems rushed and high-pressured. Something forced and formal, icky. Some kids need time to warm up. Heck some parents do too. I’m a lifestyle photographer, meaning I prefer to capture connection and genuine smiles not ‘stare at the camera’ and say cheese type of images. So here is my solution…

NEW AAP Session Packages

Petite Sessions:

I am now offering a 30 minute Petite Session openings. These sessions will be longer than a true mini-session but shorter than my signature full hour-long family session. This will allow variety in images, as opposed to a stale short mini session. Petite Sessions may be back to back with other clients, so be aware there is a time limit now. I won’t just keep shooting. These are great for repeat clients that need a refresh but maybe not a full session every year. Or maybe you have a not-yet mobile child. Or perfect for older children, out of the toddler stage, that can move through the session with ease. Friends/family that can do back to back. Clients will receive a limited number of images with an option to purchase more.

Full Sessions:

A Full Session is probably best for most clients. This is my signature session, what I have done in the past. Most popular for all types of sessions. Full sessions are best for families with shy (need time to warm-up) children, larger families, and families with multiple children under 5. Full sessions will offer more images, details, a diverse gallery of combinations, posing, lighting (as the sun sets) and backdrops. Full sessions have more opportunities for storytelling and magical moments- remember those “I just need a few great images” – more of those happen here. We have the luxury of time. Also great if maybe you don’t do pictures annually. Full Sessions offer wardrobe changes too- maternity, couples and seniors like to take advantage of this. Best part? Full sessions will include ALL edited images from the session curated by AAP.

Both packages offer access to client closet, personalized styling service, private online gallery, high-resolution, individually edited digital images, and printing rights. Studio sessions also available for each, rental fee applies.

Still only want a 15 minute mini session with AAP? Join my mailing list OR Follow me on Instagram… because those are rare. Usually just holiday and Spring.

The other thing I hear all the time…

“My kids are young and will never last long”. Really? Most of my portfolio is young children at full sessions. We play, we dance, we snuggle, take turns. They all can do it fine.

“What if my kids misbehave?” The biggest fear, right? No worries, I got this… you just have fun with your children. No pressure on them. They feed off of your vibe. Like I said, we play a lot! This is lifestyle photography not formal. I’m a mom of 3, let me take the lead.

“What if the weather if bad?” The weather here is unpredictable, I do not reschedule before 24 hrs in advance in most cases. But no, I don’t shoot in the rain. But right after the rain… is the most epic skies! Too cold? Only have one date to make it work? Let’s discuss a studio or at home. Rescheduling does happen due to weather sometimes- no big deal.

“Your sessions are late in the day.” Two things I can’t change, the weather and when the sun sets. I live for golden hour and sunsets. Nap times can be adjusted for one day. Again every session I do is at golden hour unless it’s a studio session or in-home newborn session. I do it all the time.

More questions? Just reach out.

(My image credit: Alyssa Hollis Photos)