Making the Most Out of Your Maternity Session – Roswell Marietta Photographer

Some simple tips to make the most epic maternity session…

1. Channel the excitement! Don’t be nervous in front of the lens. Take it all in- the excitement, the joy, the wonder and BEAM Momma! I got this.

2. Make it a date night. Get dolled up and enjoy each other. Get cozy, have fun, get steamy. Not sure how… this leads to the next one…

3. Pick a photographer who knows how to make you feel at ease and get those moments for you. I’ll guide you through it all.

4. Book the session early. Give us time to plan styling and more to make the most out of your session. Most sessions are around 30-33 ‘ish’ weeks. While you are still comfortable- that sweet spot.

5. Most importantly treat yourself to ice cream on the way home- Hey, that is what I would do!

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