Personal Branding, Making First Impressions in a Virtual World

When looking through a sea of headshots for counselors on a popular online directory, I knew I could make Julie’s images stand out! In researching what is currently out there in her field I was shocked. Grainy selfies, blurry, dark, cropped family photos, reminiscent of cutting an ex-boyfriend out of a locker photo. Very few professional images.

I thought to myself, are these people I could talk to? Could I open up to them? Did they seem professional or trustworthy? Not at all! I wouldn’t buy an online product if it’s images were dark and blurry either. I definitely wouldn’t choose a profile from a dating app that I couldn’t clearly see. So why would anyone choose a professional that way?

It seems many professional do not put much thought into their headshot. As a visual person, I find this shocking! This IS your first impression now-a-days. This is your ‘click bate’. Once people feel connection then they will scope out the details of your service, alcaldes, educations and reviews.

Before Julie’s session we discussed her practice, what she needed now and possibly in the future as she grows. She shared words that described how she thought about her practice. I reviewed her web presence now. From there we discussed locations that not only would give her a few different looks, but spoke to her. Then I assisted her in styling that is photogenic, add interest, but also authentic to her.

At the session we were able to get a few different looks and capture everything we discussed. Her first impression is now a warm smile that conveys professionalism with a welcoming authentic self. Someone who takes her career seriously and is passionate about it.

If you are ready to break out of the sea of selfie headshots in 2021, reach out! I’d love to highlight you as a professional, including social media and web content in a cohesive look. Refresh your business with a Personal Branding Session from Audrey Alexander Photography.

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