AAP Superlative Awards 2020

I have seen a few other photographers do this and I decided to jump on the bandwagon. So many great images this year and I selfishly wanted to review to the ‘Best of the Best’. Of course, I love some from every session! If your image wasn’t selected… it’s probably just because I ran out of creative ideas for making a category. Nothing but love for all my clients…

And the award goes to…

Top Gram-my Award Tie

Besides images of myself and my family (you guys really like me…gushing)…These TWO post got the most ‘likes’ on my Instagram feed in 2020, as of writing this.

I can only assume this image was a favorite because of hope of good things to come. No matter what we are facing… baby bumps prove there are more good times to ahead.


Maybe it’s the young fan base. Popularity or not, she is a beauty and I am glad she trusted me when I asked her to pose in weeds in the corner of parking lot because the sun was hitting just perfectly.

Epic Sky AWARD

Of course magic happens when you are with Katya Vilchyk Photography! This was the first time a rainbow appeared at a session! Hopefully I get some more in 2021!

Most Playful Grandparents AWARD

When little kids are fussy or shy, I suggest play. These grandparents jumped right in with them making the most beautiful images from this session. After that, everyone was excited for what was next.

Best Giggles Award

We laughed a lot in 2020. Soft tickles create some fun reactions in young children. This sweet duo took the award for best giggles.

Happiest Baby AWARD

This was a tough a choice but let’s face it those milestone baby’s are the most smiley. I don’t remember an image of her not smiling!

Best Baby Hair Award

Seriously obsessed with these two and their locks!


While most sessions are HOT being in the ATL, this one was probably the hottest in 2021. I remember the camera slipping out of my sweaty hands. I’m glad we were able to get in the water for some to cool down. And this senior was a champ about it! I really love splash session and hope to do more.

Coldest Session Award

For this one I got to use my fingerless gloves and ski gear. Thankfully this couple was from the New England area and was fearless. And the only way to thaw a frozen session is to get cuddly! Mission achieved. Looking for more steamy couples in 2021. Reach out if you are up for it!

Cutest Couple Award

Some sessions I need to pose or prompt connection. I know it’s awkward being romantic on the spot. This couple needed no coaching. They smiled at each other, held on and took each image effortlessly.

Most Improved Toddler ‘Tude Award

This tot wasn’t into it at all last year (but we still managed great ones in 2019). This year she was the star of the session and not shy at all. Toddlers are tough, but I don’t give up and I have my tricks!

Enchanting Award

Hanging out with M during her Personal Branding Session was a joy. I felt whisked away by her calmness, creative vibes, music and colorful art. Even nature awed us that evening with a breathtaking sky.

The Calorie Burner Award

This tot gave her parents and I a calorie burning session. From distant parking and running a few blocks to the session, to chasing her around a battle field. Phew, totally worth it in the end. I would do it all over again.

Most Versatile Award

This senior pulled off casual, charming and dramatic all within the same hour. One of the reasons I love working with seniors… fashion changes!

Caught in the aCT aWARD

I love this candid. Getting sweet candid photos like this is all about experience as a mom and photographer, expecting the reactions of little ones, camera ready and getting down to their level. And editing… this one included pulling out some distractions and capturing the sunset.

GQ / Vogue Award

This pretty lady hit a milestone birthday and graduated in 2020. She decided to celebrate with a Personal Branding Session. After that, it turned into a GLAM date night with her man.

Sibling Love Award

Wow, this was a tough one considering my posing and style. I love hugs, kisses and connection. But this trio will be taking the prize because well, newborns are just so darn precious.

Adventurer Award

This family loves adventure so making their tiny tots hike and climb was nothing out of the ordinary. This little lady walked the whole way on her own.


This little handsome tot is a last minute clincher for this title tie. He also walked the entire was, last night 12/30. And this image was his first click of the camera. Look how proud! He smiled the whole way!

Quickies Edit Award

Maybe this award really goes to me. I just wanted them to have their images before Christmas. Weather delayed this session from happening once, then we just decided to go for it. These young girls did amazing despite the cold.

Repeat Offenders

The client with the most clicks is a tie. I feel like their own personal paparazzi and I’m not sad about it. I love their smiles and watching them grow. I had very few newborns this year due to the Pandemic, so the fact that I got to take Lil M’s newborn images and 6 month milestone was an honor. I am planning his first birthday very soon too! And if you have been around here long enough you probably recognize Lil D’s face! I have been documenting her since she was 3 months old. This year I was able to take some infamous Pandemic ‘Front Porch Project’ images and Christmas ones. I love documenting the everyday and special days.

Cutest Furry Family Member Award

Ok, this category was intense! I had the most furry family member clients ever this year! Ollie being the youngest pup I ever photographed professionally. This family’s gallery was mostly Ollie, no shame.

Hollywood Doppelganger Award

These three are Hollywood look-a-likes! A young Matt Damon, Blake Lively and Zak Effron.

Eye of the Tiger Award

This Profession PI and I were in some dingy smelly allies, dark parking garages and finally outside the courthouse in the sun. Embracing PI life with her was like being on a set. She is professional, laser focused and stunning. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a cape. She was up for anything during her Personal Branding Session!

Standout Image aWARD

This was probably the most popular location this year. Likely the most photographed place in Roswell! I get it, but trying to make it creative and unique for each client was a challenge. For some reason this image stands out to me. Way to go L, such a powerful moment.

Most Exiciting Snap Award

I learned a lot from this session. 1. Don’t be to invested in the outcome. I was shaking with excitement for my friends and their girl news! 2. Don’t let clients unwrap their own packaging. Those smoke bombs leave trace of contents everywhere. 3. Protect the lens. Pink powder everywhere! All is well that ends well. Yay PINK!

Wettest Session Award

You know that squat I have to do with tots? Well try that at the creek. Butt covered in creek water and Georgia red clay is how these sessions go but I won’t stop doing them. PLEASE book a creek session with me in 2021. I love these and so do the kids. No pressure just tons a splashing!

Top Trend Award

Buffalo plaid was all the RAGE for some families. There was no changing their mind. My lens and I love red…so it works.

Warmest Smile award

This warm smile belongs to one of my Personal Branding Sessions. She is a local Licensed Professional Counselor and I can’t imagine it being hard to open up to her welcoming smile.

Most Printed Image Award

This history scholar used her session to create her book jacket headshot making it be the most printed image for AAP in 2020. I can’t wait to see it in print… I’ll be sure to tell you when the book is released.

Bromance Award

I don’t know if this is a thing, but I was honored taking my own son’s senior images. He wanted to include his best friends, which worked out perfectly for this special needs group. It took the pressure off them individually and we got some great images of them together- a true bromance. I can’t believe they are graduating!

The best Walk Award

You all know it well! The awkward walk…giving us your best smiles! I click a lot of these but this family nailed every click making clinch this award.

Funny Face Round Up

I’m pretty sure parents cringe when I tell children to give me their funniest face. I get it, you might not hang these up…but it relaxes the ‘cheese’ face and the smiles immediately afterwards are more natural. That is the reason. Goal in 2021 is to get more adults to comply.

The 2020 Timecaplse Images

I didn’t post nearly as much of my own family this year but I wanted to include a few that really tell the story of 2020. Empty schools, virtual learning, and some learning pod time with an amazing neighbor. Tons of princess dresses and pjs. Epic backyard time, including swim lessons, our new homestead garden, s’mores and sidewalk chalk to the max! Adding my nephew to our daily pod. My best mile time. An in-state anniversary trip to the mountains. Birthday parades and yard signs! My hero of a dad in full PPE gear working at a badly hit NJ Nursing Home. Using my time to learn indoor flash, an editing mentorship, and lots of business education. My own pandemic-postponed family session that finally happened with the best mentor! Thoughts of survival, panic, anxiety, worry, boredom, hope, but most of all LOVE.

Thank you to All my clients in 2020. I loved making memories for you. With the challenges we all faced, i was honored to document your family, Achievements, and milestones. Capturing the fun, love and connection has brought me to tears and filled my cup when it was near empty. photography has always given me a way to find the beauty in everyday and in 2020, this was never more clear.

with love, Jasalyn