An Affordable Photographer- Behind the Scenes

Very often I see people asking for a referral for an ‘affordable’ or ‘reasonable’ photographer. I am all for a deal too, but I want to explain what happens behind the scenes. I feel like there may be a misunderstanding about what goes into a photography business. It’s not just clicks and walk away with a few hundred dollars for me.

Before our session. A give in, is price inquiries, location selection, reservations, and deposits. If it is a new location, I’ll scout it before hand. Wardrobe assistance and preparation tips. Newborn sessions require packing, purchases and washing of items.

After our session. I immediately upload images to my external drive and a cloud for a safe back-up. From there I curate my favorite images from our session. I usually narrow down my absolute favorite to edit a sneak peak that day or the next. While my kids are asleep or at school, I dive in. I start with a batch edit adjusting color balance if needed. Then, the most time consuming part, I edit each individual image. Selecting a crop, enhancing features, finessing skin tone, removing any temporary blemishes, popping details, etc. If an image needs a little something extra, like a face swap or removing unwanted distracting clutter, I’ll do that too in a separate program. I spend a few minutes on each individual image, sometimes more. I transform some to black and white for variety. From there, I export and upload to my gallery software, a new addition to APP, that adds to the viewer experience and makes for convenient print fulfillment if desired. From there, send off your gallery and email you. Then, nail-biting begins until I hear feedback. Seriously, I love your feedback! If you decide to order through my professional lab, I will review and send off your orders.

It doesn’t end there. As a business, I have to document my earning, record mileage, etc. Update my blog, portfolio, and social media. Pay the babysitter. Maintenance and charge my gear.

Audrey Alexander Photography, Marietta Photographer

Overhead. I know boring business stuff but this is everything that goes into it. My overhead includes my actually camera and lenses, insurance on these items, editing software, desktop, gallery service, subscriptions, permits, my website (<- way too much time is spent there, as I do it all myself), marketing, props, general camera equipment, memory cards and storage galore! Uncle Sam takes a cut too.

Education. I love learning how to make your experience even better. How to make amazing images. So I do spend part of my income on learning. Whether it is getting it right in camera, newborn safety, family posing, editing tips, learning new software, different techniques, how-to-business, how-to-anything-photography…I am always taking classes. I spend tons of time and some money learning. Moreover, I like to practice what I learn- so sometimes you will see very discounted ‘Model Calls’- so I can do just that. Or use my kids as guinea pigs, like here in this High-Key Photography Challenge!

I am considered an affordable photographer. I am reliable. I am trained. I am artistic. I am passionate. I am valuable. My openings are limited. There are many qualified photographers in the Marietta / Roswell / Atlanta, I hope you trust your investment to AAP. I wrote this blog only to educate. I, do not make ‘an arm and leg’ doing this- most of us don’t. I do it because I enjoy it. I love telling people’s stories. Documenting the beauty that is your family. Introduce your new baby. Help you market your brand. Celebrate your milestones. Fall in love with your body again. Creating.

Photography and visual storytelling is something I am passionate about. Audrey Alexander Photography was created during a difficult time in my life and I am so grateful that this was the upside.


Jasalyn DeRyke, Audrey Alexander Photography

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