What is a 48 Fresh Session? – Marietta Newborn Photographer

One of the newest trends in newborn photography is a “48 Fresh” session.  These are my youngest clients…within hours or a day or two of birth.  The session takes place at the hospital/birth center.  I know your first thought is no way do I want pictures that soon!  But let me explain why I love this capture…

New. new. new. Your new bundle of joy will never be that tiny, or that new again.  Record that newness, it goes away so fast.

Emotions. This session captures the raw, overwhelming, amazing emotions of your first moments of parenthood.  Cuddles, tears, endless smiles.  Enjoying the images afterwards can bring those feelings right back to that special time.

Special introductions. Capturing the first time grandparents or siblings meet add even more sentiment to this event.  This photos are such a nice keepsake for relatives.

It’s in the details. Fresh 48 Sessions will also include sweet details of your hospital stay…baby’s first cuddles, tiny hands and toes, hospital bracelets, and nursing if desired.

Simplicity. No fancy planning is needed. No wardrobe needed. Mom will look beautiful in a simple robe.  Dad can be cozy in a t-shirt.  Simple is best. Remember the focus will be on baby and your connection.

Timelessness.  There is just something about newborns wrapped in their hospital blanket, in that bassinet, with a name card placed above them.  Sure I can wrap them in adorable wraps and headbands when I do in-home-session a week or two later but there is something about a hospital session that is timeless.  It’s also a great way to introduce your baby to the world!

I would be completely honored to capture your baby’s first moments with a “Fresh 48 Session”.

There is no high-pressure sales.  No outragous prices (like the hospital photographers).  All edited images you will the right to print and share as you would like.

Not sure if it is for you? I will answer any of your concerns.  If you choose to include a maternity session too, a discount will be applied to your “Fresh 48 Session”.

For pricing check out my investment page here.

Nolan Fresh 48-7

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