Magic in everyday reality (pullback included).

So recently, this picture was a featured pick in my photography challenge.   The challenge theme was ‘inspired by a famous photographer’.  I chose Annie Leibovitz…but that is not neither here nor there.  The fact is my set is no where near a famous photographers.  Yes, I have a professional camera and lens, and a really cute kid but that is about it.  No studio, no backdrop, no fancy lighting.

Here is my reality.  A different day but same set-up.  Note the plastic slide indoors- because in the ATL it’s too hot outside!  The upside-down hamper was where she sat, classy.  Toys cluttered around.  And some dried yogurt on her face.  This is real life… messy, cluttered, playful.

pull back


The moral of this blog is to show you that with a little natural light, some creativity, magic can happen.  I am humbled at how many people loved this photograph.  It just goes to show the beauty in the everyday moments is there…you just need to find it and capture it.  Thank you to my daughter for always letting me play!

inspireInspired by a photographer-3Inspired by a photographerinspire-2


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