Document your Vacation in a Snap

Instead of souvenirs and trinkets the best things you can bring home from a trip are photos, or as I like to call them, memory keepers.  Recently my husband and I visited Nashville, TN for the weekend.  While I am not going to bore you with all of our vacation photos, here is a short checklist of what images are a must while on vacation to document your trip.


Try and find a location stamp.  This can be the city sign, tickets, resort entrance or airport departure sign.  This image makes a great cover for an album and starting point for your documentation.edited-29


Capture the Landscape.  Whether you are visiting a city, beach or countryside be sure to click some landscape images.  It’s the big picture!  These images capture the local flare, tone and culture of the trip.  Try at different view points or times of the day as the atmosphere changes.



Take in the Local Art and Create your Own.  If it’s a symphony you attended, wall murals you saw, historical details you learned about, a decadent meal you enjoyed or simply pop culture of the location; take time to document bits of your favorites.



Points of Interest.  While museums, aquariums, historical sites and parks are often photographed.  Makes sure to include the details about them that intrigued you most.  For me, it was all about Elvis memorabilia!


Get in the Frame.  Always, always, always try to get in front of the lens too.  It doesn’t have to be a work of art, selfies count, or ask someone to snap the photo for you.  Just be sure to return the favor for them.


Thank you, thank you very much Nashville!


© Audrey Alexander Photography Please do not crop out my logo, edit, duplicate, or change my images in any way without my written permission.

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