Ultra excited about my product session!

So my entrepreneur friend developed an all-natural, tiny-inconspicuous but impactful, delicious-scented deodorant line called Ultra Concealed.  She asked me to photograph her product for her website and marketing material.  I also was able to ‘test’ them.

This New Jersey blood has a hard time keeping cool in Hot-lanta so when I tell you they work, I mean it.  Not only do they keep me smelling fresh, but they fit in my smallest clutches and in my camera bag.  The best part is I do not have to worry about these compact deodorants melting on my gear!  It just doesn’t happen.  They are Atlanta heat melt-proof!

I could go on and on but she has a website for that.  An all-natural boutique deodorant for a low-price that is available on Amazon Prime.  Just try it!  My favorite is the Vanilla Pomegranate.

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