6 months with Abigail Logan

I can’t believe you are 6 months old already.  I feel like I just found out that we were adding to our family.  With a blink of an eye you were here. Blink again, and you’re 6 months old.  Before I blink again and you’re 1, or 18 at this rate, I just want to jot down some of the delight you bring to my life!

You are our ‘bottle of sunshine’.  Once you found your smile…you haven’t stopped using it.  I swear your cheeks must be tired from all the smiling you do.  And we can not help but smile back.  You are quite the social butterfly.  “That dimple” is what everyone says as they too smile in return.

I left you in the exam room with the nurse while your big sister needed to use the potty and when we came back you had four nurses in there smiling and chatting with you.  They couldn’t get enough of that ‘bottle of sunshine’ personality.

This month you have been teething a bit and although you are uncomfortable you are still in good spirits most of the time.  You have tried oatmeal, rice, sweet potatoes, green beans, squash, carrot and bananas… all with excitement (well maybe not the beans).  You finish them up and want more!

Belly laughs have started too.  Your sister will dance and twirl and it just cracks you up.  You also get a kick out of watching her and the neighborhood kids on the swings.  Balloons make even more giggles.

Play.  You have been swatting and grasping at toys for sometime, but now you are really trying to figure them out.  Your curiosity and inquisitive looks are all your dad.  I am pretty sure you want to figure out how they work more than anything.  You’ll get there.

I know it will not be long before you are crawling or even walking.  You are quite the strong one.  You have been doing full push-ups.  Your brother is cheering you on as you squirm around on your belly.  Your sister can’t wait until you are more mobile.  Dare I say, some days that I wouldn’t mind either.  You love to be held 24/7 so some independence might give my arms a rest…but will exercise my legs for sure.  Life will surely change around here when you get moving.

You make us smile.  You make us feel blessed.  You made Charlie a big sister.  And Alex a big brother again.  You filled the empty seat in our car and at our table.  You complete us.  You made my heart grow even more.  Happy half-year bottle of sunshine.

Love, Momma

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