Telling a story with photography

One of my favorite things about photography is its ability to tell a story.  It doesn’t always have to be a big event, like a wedding or a milestone, all those days in between need documenting too.  Story telling photography is great to do while playing or doing an activity with your little ones.  Today we had a fun time coloring with sidewalk chalk and playing hop scotch.  While I didn’t get in the frame too much, there is enough of me to know I was there.  Even her baby sister has a close up.  When storytelling with your photography be sure to include…

Before. During. After. Include images throughout the activity. Here we are coloring our hop scotch, jumping and standing over our work.  Another easy activity we have used storytelling in is baking cookies…the mixing, preparing, and enjoying the freshly baked cookies!

Details.  Details can be the pile of chalk, the messy hands, or any ingredient that helps make up the story.

Yourself.  I know I say this ALL THE TIME, get in the frame!  Try the best you can to get in the pictures with your kids.  They want these memories of you just as much as you want memories of them.  Here with no tripod, I was able to capture my feet and shadows.  Just enough.  It is tough getting everyone outside, let alone more equipment.  Mom struggles.

Shoot from all angles.  Shooting from all angles gives the pictures variety and interest.  It also shows different perspective.

Have fun.  Most of all, have fun. The whole point is capture you and your children having a good time together. Don’t over think it. Practice.  Keep taking that camera out. Document your life…together!

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