A letter to my little girl

To my dearest,

I have never imagined that taking on a daily photography project could highlight how special our day to day moments are.  Soon you will be welcoming another sibling and with that we will be 3 at home!  Our days will change slightly then, so I wanted to take time to document you and I in words too.

Our days are filled with chores like shopping, cleaning and cooking with the occasional luncheon. In between these mundane activities we color, have tea parties, play with dolls, go to playgrounds, music class and story time.  These are the moments that I will always cherish.  Watching you carefully choose the pages you want us to color.  The thought you put into always making sure I have a plastic cupcake, plate and utensil to go with my pretend tea. When I forget details like making a sipping sound you prompt me to do so.  How I have watched you go from a drooling spectator infant, to a crawling baby, to a singing and dancing toddler at story time.  I feel so lucky to spend my everyday with you.

You make the mundane an adventure.  Simple things in life are fascinating again through your eyes.  School buses passing by our house are a reason to run to the window and cheer.  Strolling in the shopping cart through the parking lot is a time to lean back, close your eyes and feel the wind in your hair with a huge smile.  The excitement you have when you wake up after nap and I remind you that your brother is home from school.  When certain songs play on the car radio you clap along and remind me to snap my fingers because you haven’t figured out how to yet…and it amazes you.

I hope one day you know how many smiles you have put on my face. You are so caring and comforting to all your little lovies.  I cant wait to see you become a big sister.  This is going to be one lucky little sibling.

I love you with all my heart and soul. oxox,



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