How to prepare for your session

I like my clients to be prepared for their session so here are some of my tips…

Attire.  Wear what you feel comfortable in.  Wear what makes you feel beautiful.  Include something that is ‘you’.  Comfort is always in.  When you are uncomfortable it shows.  flattering jeans and textured top can be just as nice as a dress.  Stay away from too many  bold prints.  One printed accessory, like a scarf or tie, is a great option and can easily be removed for a different look.  When you feel beautiful, it will show, you will shine.  Colors add a great pop.  Complimentary colors add great contrast in a family session.  Finally add some personality that is uniquely you… maybe a bright pair of converse, a statement necklace, and your toddler’s favorite cowboy boots.  Tell us about you!  If you can go pro with make up and hair… it is always fun to dress it up!

Environment.  It is always nice to contrast with your backdrop.  For example in a field of sunflowers, purple or blue will pop.  If you are wanting a more calming feel try some neutrals, I feel this looks nice in newborn sessions.  While indoors turn up the heat or lower the air conditioning to keep those babies warm and sleepy.  It is always a good idea to prepare the rooms that get the best light to your liking.  Limit clutter or hide distractions.  Open curtains and blinds and let the sun pour in.  Since this is where most of the indoor photography will take place.

Props.  Let me know ahead of time if there is a certain prop you would like to incorporate into your photos.  I love using a sentimental item.  Themed items can also work in some cases.  Yet, too many props can take away from the subject.  We can discuss prior to your session.  I’m open to your vision.

Style.  I am sure before booking with me you pursued my website and know my style.  I tend to use a blend of posed and candid images.  But if there is something you ‘pinned’ or saw before, just let me know.  As my client, I want to know your style too.  I want the images to be something that will fit you and your walls!

Emotions.  Don’t stress, don’t be nervous.  I will talk you through it.  I will give you direction.  Just be yourself and have fun…I will capture that.  If you are unsure of something- just ask. And I will let the kids enjoy themselves.  Each session unfolds in a unique story. Let’s tell it together.


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