Birthday Mini Sessions

If your like me, the old me, you may wait for the annual school picture to arrive to update the frames on your fireplace mantel.  After years of disappointing ‘say cheese’ faces from my son, you know the ones, stoic eyebrows, forced smile, eyes pinned open, a few hairs out of place and a wrinkled collar; I have decided to stop bothering.  Best decision ever!  Now my fireplace proudly displays happy children!  Doing what they like to do- at that age.

It doesn’t take much to capture your child doing what they love.  Less than an hour and for the same cost as those awful school pictures, I can capture a truly unique image of your most precious.  I really enjoy these mini sessions because I get use my creativity to capture their spirit.

Right around birthdays is a great time.  The wallet-sized portraits can be handed out with “thank you cards” or even used as part of the invitation.

Here is just a sneak peek of my daughter’s birthday tea party mini I just completed.  And of my son, from his birthday in the fall during our hike.  I cannot wait to book your next milestone!

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