Mommy and Me – C Family

This momma bear is one of the strongest I have ever meet.  She has always been fighting to give her children the world and educating them using every teachable moment she can.  She uses nature as her classroom and her son is enthralled in the journey of (not-really-ever-at-home)’home’ school.  Rian is 100% classic boy… collecting lizards, wearing fatigues daily, and making everyday an outdoor adventure.  Rian’s little sister, Gema’s personality is definitely a reflection of him.  She is always right by his side.  But Gema’s spirit is a lot like her momma’s… while she loves an outdoor adventure as much as Rian, she also enjoys princess dresses, nail polish and momma’s red lipstick.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this fearless duo.  I am sure of one thing, there momma will forever be a big part of them.  She is their biggest supporter and they are her masterpieces.  It was a pleasure documenting their bond.

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