Mom and me memories

What do you want this Mother’s Day?  With mother’s day around the corner you will be asked this question frequently.  Well besides a day at the spa, no dirty dishes and well behaved children (even just for a day)? I think the gift of a ‘mom and me photography sessions’ is an awesome gift idea.

As a photographer and family record keeper, I tend to be behind the camera more than in front of it.  It is important to record the relationship between you and your children too.  I love how children look right into mom’s eyes and form the most natural, endearing smile.  And mom smiles back with all of her heart.  This is true love.  These images are ones that your child will cherish for a lifetime.  Your child won’t reflect on these images and think… mom should have went to the gym more, mom’s hair is outrageous here, or what was she thinking with that outfit!  Your child will think, I remember this day… it was just mom and I (and a sibling or two).  Mom always cherished this picture.  Mom had this on our fireplace mantel for years.  This is the way I remember her. 

With that said maybe a nice blow out and new outfit will make you feel even more confident to face the camera and be the most beautiful mom – the one your kids already see.

It appears it is time for me to follow my own advice as this photo was taken in the fall! Still it is one of my favorites!

Please call for a special pricing on Mom & me minis today!

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