What is a 365 photography challenge?


A 365 Photography Challenge consists of following a daily prompt for picture-taking.  The prompts are given by a few different websites, but I follow #thebethadillychallenge.  For information on that challenge visit Beth’s website at bethadilly.com.  

The idea is practice, practice, practice.  Remember learning something new…perhaps for me it was learning to drive stick shift or building a website?  Those skills for were difficult for me.  However the more I got in that car or logged in to that website the more I learned.  I gained confidence, experience, and control (which is a good thing when it comes to driving).  It is the same with the 365 photography challenge.  Different prompts allow me to practice different skills, for example, self portraits, black and whites, leading lines and the list goes on… for 365 days.

Just taking my camera out everyday is good way for me to keep refining my skills.  Plus it is a nice journalist way to see how my family is spending their year.  Sure there are days where I am feeling uninspired or pressed for time but it has also become a habit and something I look forward to.  Except for maybe those ‘self portrait prompts’! 

Here is a snippet of my 365 2016.  For more follow me on instagram to see my interpretations of Beth’s daily prompts.  

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