Location or Studio

Just like any realtor will tell you “Location, Location, Location”.  Sure it would be nice to have a studio with perfect lighting, no worry about the outdoor elements, no time constraints.  Every image will come out perfect. Every. Single. Photo. Which means little uniqueness. Flat backgrounds.  Nice flooring (ok, who doesn’t like new flooring).

Besides the fact that I don’t have a studio, here are the reason I will always choose location photography…

Locations tell a story.  Maybe it is the place where the couple had their first date.  Or a playground around the corner that a family frequents.  Or like my recent newborn clients, as I walked into their beautiful new-to-them home, they told me this is their ‘forever home’.  So having the newborn session take place within those walls just makes sense.  The clients location adds intimacy and their personality.

Welcome Charliegh Rose-12

History. I love looking through old family albums and seeing my grandparent’s house in the 1960’s, and 70’s (not so much the 80’s or 90’s, that was an awful era for interior design).  Or seeing my neighborhood store fronts from yesteryear.  I’m a sucker for nostalgia.  The studio images just fall short here.

Candid, contrived, natural.  I like the ‘candid-ness’ that occurs while at a location.  Some of the best images of my children are when they aren’t focused on the camera.  They are smiling, giggling, in deep thought and exploring while on location.  The minute I put my son in a studio, I get the forced ‘say cheese’ face.  You know what I am talking about… stretched smile, raised eye-brows, and eyes peeled open.  I would love to post his school photo here for an example but that awful photo is copyrighted.

Variation.  I was a Public Health Educator for over 10 years, in doing that I learned I liked teaching seniors citizens, professionals and children alike.  I enjoyed giving presentations at major corporations, as much as farmer’s markets. Like I said studios lack uniqueness.  Clients, outfits, props and backgrounds change but that’s about it.  I like new locations, different setting.  Variation is exciting.   On a side note, varying your veggies and fruit is healthier too!

It really is a matter of personal taste and what type of images you are drawn to.  Audrey Alexander Photography is an on location lifestyle photographer.